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Player information
Name: Melly.
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Character information

Name: Mirella Balanos Collodi. Going under the alias 'Elisa Vittoria Cimera' right now.

Age: 27-yeards-old.

Date of Birth: January 15, 1986. Passed away in 2013.

Canon: Original.

Species: Witch, reanimated.


It can go either way for her, truth be told. The options are:

Circle Midnight has her loyalties for to the fact she has better connotations to it compared to other factions, made possible because her beloved caretaker was a member of Circle Midnight herself. She'll like to go back and join them to see if the people she knows are okay and to further the faction's interests like she had done in the past, genuinely believing it isn't fair the witches are persecuted for pursuing arts considered 'darker' by most.

Circle Daybreak. She used to be ambivalent to them up until recently with the disappearance of her brother. Now she is quite wary of them now and does not believe they are to be trusted as she suspects them being involved with her brother's disappearance. But if she wants to go unnoticed in the city for a bit longer, joining the more 'acceptable' circle of witches will better fit her agenda.

When not involving herself in shenanigans of the supernatural, she works as a private freelance investigator in London to further her own agenda of finding her brother and learning more about what happened to her in 2013. She can offer her investigative abilities to her faction regardless of who she's part of.

Rank: Most likely a Level 1 since she's a 'newcomer' to the city though.


Supplement history can be found HERE.

Ella Collodi was at the top of her game in 2013. She had gotten more involved with Circle Midnight activities a few years back after keeping herself out in the sidelines and was doing her best to smooth out tensions and troubles between her chosen faction and Circle Daybreak with some success that she felt proud of. She had been told, multiple times, that with her exceptional powers and her current path she would make great strides sooner or later.

Then, for all her potential, was murdered. When closing her brother’s shop all alone, an unknown assailant kidnapped her. Her brother Geppetto searched for her and used many of his resources and his supplies to turn up any leads and clues but there was no luck.

A few days later she was found in River Thames. Or pieces of her were found; it looked like someone had used most of her for a ritual. The death of his beloved sister broke Geppetto, refusing to lose the only family member he had left.

After months of studying the dark and the arcana, he found a way. With the help of their elderly guardian, he brought her back. No, he never told her what he did exactly to bring. The most she can guess from documents he had before he destroyed them is that he sacrificed their guardian's life in return of hers. Her discovered and preserved heart was used as the anchor for her new body, a mixture of a marionette and a sackdoll he made himself.

Ella came back but she was disoriented and confused, memories of her final days repressed. Not that it mattered to either of them at the time. The two siblings were reunited but, at the same time they, knew what had happened would not be taken well by the Council. If discovered they would punish Geppetto and possibly destroy Ella.

So Geppetto did his best to keep her safe: He closed the shop under the pretence of grief and they moved into a quaint home at the outskirts of London. For two years they lived as Gregori and Elisa Vittoria. Ella was not able to leave their home as to avoid being seen and she kept herself busy by practicing her magic in the house with the few books they were able to keep and practising her magic thanks to the special circumstances she was in.

Later rather than sooner, they found a routine. She helped her brother with his work. He taught her how to fix herself if the need arise. The two almost thought they could get back a normal life.

Except recently. Ella returned home one day to discover their home ruined: The furniture trashed and the place a mess, many of their items outright destroyed.

With Geppetto nowhere in sight.

Ella now returns to London with a suitcase, a key to the closed shop, her Desert Glass, and an envelope full of cash. She was going to find him again. Somehow.


Despite what's happened to her and what's become of her life, Ella is still a bright-eyed and adventurous girl with a humorous and adventurous streak inside of her. Geppetto once affectionately described his sister that she’s like a shot of strong coffee: Has a kick to her and is known for that kick once you're properly introduced to it/her. It’s a good description of her, really.

Full of pluck and determination, Ella refuses to back down from any challenge and faces it head on thanks to her confidence and her pride in her ability to do things on her own. As seen with her attempts to campaign for better ties between Circle Daybreak and Circe Midnight, once she latches on to a cause she refuses to let it go. It can be bit of a double-edged sword with how she tries to take on too much than she should or how she overestimates her opponents. It can land her in hot water if she isn’t careful and unfortunately she isn’t careful. Being cautious and wary was Geppetto’s thing. Not for courageous and rash Ella who always barrels in face first into danger.

She does mean well with her intentions, hating the idea of people fighting one another when they can work together with similar goals and just wants to see progress being made. Having been forced to raise herself at a young age, not wanting to be a burden to Geppetto at the time, she is self-sufficient and clever in terms of solving her problems mostly with magic because she loves magic. She adores it, really. In her opinion life should be like magic: Full of wonder and surprises, to be used for good and to help others when you can. The sparkle in her eyes has never left her all these eyes and the twinkle is still there when she conjures spells or grows some plants.

Ella is full of laughter, always willing to make dumb jokes even in the most dangerous of situations to lighten the mood, and she’s full of love for those she cares about. Her family and friends mean the world to her and to have someone like Ella as a friend is to have Ella as a companion, an ally, and a person who will be there for you with no questions asked. It does mean she can get angry on their behalf if she feels like they’re being insulted and her aforementioned rashness can get the best of her again but it means she cares. Too much? Maybe. Cares at all? Naturally.

The most important thing to remember about Ella is that she always bounces back from any hardship and any woe that befalls her. She’ll always have smile on her face and an unsaid but obvious dare to the world to try its hardest to keep her on the ground. She’ll keep coming back up, again and again, to show that no one can break her spirit.

Powers & Possessions:

Ella is, was(?), a rather talented witch with a lot power to back her up. Her specialities lie in the magic of kinetics and the elements, especially earth and fire, and was a force to be reckoned with when it came to fighting since she wasn't afraid to fight dirty by blinding people with fog or causing people to trip. Due to being reanimated from dark magic, she has lost a good chunk of her skills that can be considered 'light' magic such as healing and creating effective medicinal potions. To her dismay she can no longer use telekinesis or levitating for some reason. Even then her control of earth is weak compared to before, dampened in a sense that she can no longer just lift rocks from the ground or grow a tree with the snap of her fingers. It takes a lot more effort for her noww.

In her possession is an enchanted necklace known as the Desert Glass. When she wears it, she is given back her appearance of a young woman similar to her real appearance but not quiet. This is only a surface level illusion however. She can't fake eating food nor can she allow people to touch her lest the illusion is broken when people feel cool cloth instead of warm skin and straw and yarn instead of real hair.

Ella was able to scavenge some of items from her home. The items are:

- A witch's amulet, hers. Since she can't wear it around her neck as it'll disrupt the delicate magic of the Desert Glass, she wears it around her wrist.

- Her brother's wand made of hawthorn wood. Its destroyed but it doesn't hurt to keep it.

- A few arcana and dark spellbooks that belonged to their guardian.

- A personal Little Lady Lue of her very own since it was a gift from Geppetto.

- Most importantly, the keys to All the King's Men so she has a place to hide while living in London if she needs it.

The most important thing to talk about it Ella's body. Being a complicated marionette doll with sackcloth skin, her brother enchanted her body with runes and carvings that protect her from fire, mundane and magical, so she can still use that element without the worry of her 'skin' and 'body' being burned. The runes also help her channel her magic better, the blessed willow wood making her, essentially, a living personal wand. A downside is that she's heavy, very heavy. She can easily sink in bodies of water if she falls into one and will be unable to get herself out with ease if that happens. She's quite slow, unable to run that much and jumping is kind of impossible.

There's a lot that Ella has to adapt to but she's plucky and confident, unwilling to let a few hiccups like being technically dead get in her way.



World building


And All the King's Men

Located in Westminster, And All the King's Men was a cosy little toyshop that was run by the Collodi siblings who lived in the apartment above it. Opened in 2003, it was a delight for children with its inventive and colourful toys while acting as a front for witches and other supernatural creatures to come in and ask for commissions from Geppetto Collodi for his craftsmanship and talent in enchantment.

As of May 2013, the toyshop has been shuttered down with the sudden disappearance of Geppetto after the death of his beloved sister Ella. People now claim the toyshop is haunted and it is avoided most days, a once cheerful shop that made children laugh now a pitiful thing of what it once was.

Private Puppet Strings Investigations
Located in Hillingdon, this is a front for Ella as she continues to go under the identity of Elissa Vittoria. Currently staffed by only herself due to budget issues, to no one's surprise, she's hoping to expand a bit more to take on more courses while tracking down her missing brother.

low-mid levelbasic spellbooks
The ability to control earth. It can range from accelerating the growth of plants, herbs and, for more experience users, trees if the appropriate plants are around or levitating rocks and tossing them around. Out of all the elements, this is perhaps the most demanding power wise.


Little Lady Lue
high levelall the king's men; rare
A small doll that can be used as a little assistant for witches and other supernatural creatures. Strong enough to carry jars and intelligent enough to comprehend commands to get ingredients, stir potions, and organise charms. Due to Geppetto's disappearance, however, this has become a rarity and are considered valuable to some collectors of magical items.

low levelbasic spellbooks
A small, seven petaled bottle blue flower that can be used to remember tiny things that you've forgotten. Each time you pluck off a petal, a whisper soft voice will ask you if you remembered to wash your clothes, called your friend, or turned off the stove. It's only meant for chores and little things and not complex tasks like potions or rituals or answers for quizzes before any sneaky students get the idea to cheat.