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Original Character; London Calling
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Offensive subjects: Sexual assault. Child abuse. Abusive relationships. Please, if you can, give me a heads up beforehand if you're planning to bring those sort of topics up in a thread/plot of ours. Thank you.

IC information
Species: Witch, reanimated.

Role/Faction: Details here.

Strength: Level. Number. (x)

Magic: Level. Number. (x)

Friends/Allies: Details here.

Enemies: Details here.

Relationship status: Single.

Notable physical characteristics: In her real form she is a puppet that is a mashup for a balljointed marionette and a sackdoll. Her brother tried his best to create her brother but in his haste she looks a bit... funny. Her limbs are too long and thin, waist and feet disproportionately tiny. Her eyes are too big for her oddly round face and she has midnight black pinpricks for pupils with her red hair a combination of fine yarn and string.

She's always found wearing the Desert Glass necklace, a piece of enchanted jewellery that gives her the surface level illusion of being a young woman in her late twenties with red hair and green eyes. Made by Geppetto, it is the only piece of its existence.

Notable magical characteristics: People can pick up magic will be able to sense that there's a faint aura of dark magic around her that she'll explain away from her cases or odd jobs. Due to her being made of blessed maple wood, covered up thanks to her stitched up cloth 'skin', her brother carved protective runes on her person. These are mainly to protect her harm from fire and to use her elemental and kinetic magic more easily.

Offensive subjects: People mocking witches or the Circle Midnight faction. People insulting the Collodi family name despite them being a line of possibly dark witches.

Warnings: Details here.

IC permissions
General physical violence: If the moment comes during our thread then yeah! Let's duke it out!

Injuring this character: Long as it isn't life threatening then feel free. If it involves limbs being torn off or seriously damaging her, contact me first.

Torturing this character: Feel free! Please contact me though before you do this so we're both on the same page over stuff since she's a puppet.

Killing this character: Please plan this with me first since she already .

Mental/emotional torment: Feel free! We can wing it on the thread if the mood is right but if it's anything serious like a big confession or something among those lines, give me a heads up please.

Physical intimacy: Feel free to flirt but she'll try to keep anything physical from happening since she's, um you know, a puppet and doesn't want people to find out through a really awfully weird way.

Romance: I'm up for this.

Using magic on this character: Let's talk about it first, please!

Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: She has a witch's amulet she wears as a bracelet to avoid this.

Using mind control on this character: Same as above.

Notes/Other: For more information about Ella, please read HERE for history and HERE for details on her brother, Geppetto. If you're planning to add me on my plurk, please inform me HERE first since I automatically reject invites that I was not informed of beforehand.